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About Us


SASSETA was formed as a result of the *POSLEC and *DIDTETA merging to develop an integrated education and training authority for the safety and security sector.

On 1 April 2011 the Department of HET re-certified SASSETA for the next 5 years. SASSETA promotes a culture of ongoing learning, which facilitates opportunities of skills transfer and development for all South Africans in the safety and security sector seeking recognised industry qualifications.

Our Vision

To be the leader in skills development and training for safety and security

Our Mission

Education and training authority that ensures quality provision of skills development and qualifications for South African citizens in the safety and security environment through effective and efficient partnerships

Corporate Values

We subscribe to a focused set of corporate values, which ensures:

  • Integrity in whatever we do
  • Transparency and accountability are echoed throughout all of our activities
  • A high level of professionalism in our work, thereby adopting excellence as our benchmark for all stakeholder interactions
  • Team spirit and work synergy
  • We maintain a high work ethic, which reaffirms our commitment to our tasks and our responsiveness to all stakeholders
  • Clear and effective stakeholder communication
  • The promotion of diversity and equal participation in all ventures
  • Creativity and innovation within the organisation is nurtured

SASSETA is committed to meaningful contributions in order to achieve the five objectives of the Government’s National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS), which is to:

  • Develop a culture of high quality lifelong learning
  • Foster skills development in the formal sector for productivity and employment growth;
  • Stimulate and support skills development in small businesses;
  • Promote skills development for employability and sustainable livelihoods through social development initiatives.
  • Assist new entrants into employment.

We the people of SASSETA state that:

  • We place honesty, respect, trust and integrity foremost in our conduct and serve with dignity
  • We maintain a strong work ethic and are fully committed to our tasks
  • We strive to be efficient and effective in everything we do; to practice professionalism and to exceed expectations
  • We encourage creative thought and innovation
  • We are loyal to our organisation, stakeholders and each other
  • We forge professional relationships with everyone we deal with

*POSLEC means the Police, Private Security, Legal, Correctional Service and Justice sector education and training authority.*

*DIDTETA means the Diplomacy, Intelligence, Defence & Trade education and training authority.*

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