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Departments - Chambers

Why are the Chambers Necessary?

They ensure that the needs of the sub – sectors are collectively addressed and contribute to the achievement of the SASSETA Business Plan.

How are the Chambers structured?

  • Each comprise of members made up of equal numbers of employer and labour representatives, as well as SASSETA personnel.
  • The chamber meets quarterly to discuss issues of importance and to plan activities that will benefit the sub – sector.
  • It also receives feedback on issues affecting its sub – sector, as well as feedback from SETA board deliberations on which its interests are represented.

What are the SASSETA chambers?

  • Private Security Chamber - This represent the skills development interest of South Africa’s private security, labour unions, personal protection and intruder detection companies.The chamber is spearheading an inquiry into the crucial need for recognition of prior learning (RPL) within the sub – sector
  • Corrections Chamber - Its stakeholders include the Department of Correctional Services, private prisons, detention centres (private and public), POPCRU and PSA.
  • Legal Services chamber - This includes attorneys, paralegals, sheriffs, intellectual property practioners and commercial legal advisors.
  • Justice Chamber - This represents judicial officers, Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, NPA, NEHAWU, SASAWU, NUPSAWU,PSA, registrars/masters and public defenders.
  • Policing Chamber - This has been constituted to provide a service to the South Africa Police Services and POPCRU,SAPU,RTMC and ICD, SASSETA will cooperate in ensuring the effective implementation of the New Firearms Control Regulations pertaining to the issue of gun licences.
  • Defence Chamber - This chamber represents Department of Defence and military veterans, SANDU and SASFU.
  • State Security Chamber - We are currently busy with negotiations for establishment of this chamber.

What do the Chambers do?

  • Indentify priority needs within the sector;
  • Facilitate sub – sector skills development plans.
  • Facilities alignment of unstricted learning programmes;
  • Facilitate implementation of skills development.
  • Manage relationship within the public service departments
  • Develop SMME support strategies;
  • Assist in the recruitment of learners into learning programmes;

New chamber members to be announced soon.

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