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  1. What is a SETA?
  2. What is an ETQA?
  3. What are the accreditation criteria of a Skills Development Provider?
  4. What are the benefits of being an accredited skills development provider?
  5. How do I start the Process of becoming a SASSETA accredited provider?
  6. What are the various types of Accrediting Providers that can be awarded?
  7. What is a skills programme?
  8. How to access/search for Qualifications/ Unit standards from SAQA’s Website?
  9. What is RPL?
  10. What will I get at the end of the RPL process?
  11. Is RPL recognised?
  12. How long will the RPL process take me?
  13. What is Assessment?
  14. How do I obtain SASSETA developed and approved learning material?
  15. What is Extension of Accreditation (Scope)?
  16. What criteria should the applicant adhere to when requesting Extension of Accreditation as its primary SETA?
  17. What should I do if I want to link an assessor/s and moderator/s to my company?
  18. What process should I follow if I want to change my Provider address?
  19. What do open an additional Skills Development Branch?
  20. Can branches be accredited independently for unit standards or does it only happen at head office level?
  21. How do I register as a new assessor or moderator at SASSETA?
  22. When do the ETQA Committee's normally sit?.
  23. What are the contact numbers and who can I contact within the ETQA department?
  24. What do I do if my company is still accredited for the old GSO 24490?
  25. My accreditation is about to /has expired after 1 year what should I do?
  26. I have trained learners on a SASSETA learning programme. How do I report to SASSETA to get certificates?
  27. I have had a Verification visit by SASSETA ETQA but have not received a report what should I do?
  28. How to apply for programme approval to another seta?
  29. How do you lodge a formal complaint?
  30. What documentation is to be submitted for firearm training application?
  31. Terms and definitions for Accreditation of Providers
  32. Acronyms, terms & definitions
  33. Who can apply to be on a learnership?
  34. How much will it cost for the Learner?
  35. How long is the Learnership?
  36. What does it mean for me the unemployed learner to be on a Learnership?
  37. What will I get at the end of the Learnership?
  38. Will I get a job after completing the Learnership?
  39. How do I apply for a Learnership if I am unemployed?
  40. How do I apply for a Learnership if I am employed?
  41. How will I benefit as the Learner from Learnerships?
  42. Employed - How do I register my interest in doing a Learnership?
  43. Unemployed - How do I register my interest in doing a Learnership?
  44. Contact Details

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