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What are the benefits of being an accredited skills development provider?

The accreditation of an education and training provider benefits the various stakeholders in the following ways:

  • An accredited provider has credibility in the eyes of the public.
  • The learning programmes offered by an accredited provider culminate in NQF credits.
  • The qualification obtained by learners enjoys national and international recognition.
  • Accreditation serves as a surety that the provider has the necessary capacity and resources pertinent to the delivery of quality education and training.
  • Accreditation compels the provider to constantly remain on the cutting edge of quality education provision.
  • When a provider is accredited by SASSETA , the users know that:
    • The provider meets all SAQA and SASSETA ETQA requirements for quality delivery of education, training, assessment, design and management.
    • The credits and qualifications offered by that provider are nationally registered
    • Qualifications that learners achieve are nationally and internationally recognized.
    • The provider has access to many forms of support and capacity building offered by the SASSETA.

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