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Unemployed - How do I register my interest in doing a Learnership?

  • Contact the Department of Labour or the SASSETA.
  • Obtain information about what Learnerships are and what Learnerships are available in your field of interest.
  • Identify the relevant SETA responsible for the Learnerships in your field of interest.
  • Communicate your interest in doing a Learnership.
  • Contact the Learnership Department of the SASSETA (011-347 0200) and inform them of your interest in that Learnership.
  • Obtain the requirements of that Learnership to determine whether you meet the criteria.
  • Provide the information that the SASSETA requires at that stage, e.g. CV and contact details.
  • The SASSETA will try to link you up with a suitable employer, if possible.
  • The SASSETA communicates your details to interested employers
  • The SASSETA will capture your details on its database, and will provide these details to relevant employers
    In some cases, e.g. the Candidate Attorney Learnership, the SASSETA will advise the learner to find a suitable law firm that would agree to employing him/her for the duration of the Learnership
  • If you see an advertisement for application to a Learnership (e.g. in a newspaper), submit your application to the relevant person indicated in the advertisement
  • Once you have been placed with an employer, sign an employment contract drawn up by the employer (where you will be working for the duration of the Learnership) Sign the SASSETA Application for Admission to Learnerships that will be provided to you by the employer.

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