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SASSETA accreditation and related legislation and structures

Providers in many of the industries within the SASSETA primary focus are also governed by legislation and concomitant regulations relevant to that particular sub-sector. These providers must meet the requirements stipulated in such legislation in order to be accredited by the SASSETA. Some of the relevant bodies of legislation include:

  • Correctional Services Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority Act 56 of 2001
  • Firearms Control Act
  • South African Police Services Act
  • Intelligence Services Act
  • Secret Services Act
  • Defence Act

As a provider, you should make sure that you are aware of all the relevant pieces of legislation that affect your sub-sector and should ensure that you adhere to all the requirements of this legislation. These different pieces of legislation lay the basis for the establishment of several other professional bodies which operate within the various sub-sectors of the SASSETA. These bodies are involved with regulating the respective industry, which often includes the responsibility for ensuring the quality of professions within the industry. This can be confusing for providers because the respective bodies may place additional quality assurance requirements over and above the specific criteria required by the SETA ETQA. The SETA ETQA is involved in a number of discussions with these different bodies to allow the criteria to be as streamlined as possible. However, it is vital to emphasise the fact that providers must operate within the legal framework that governs the sector — the accreditation with the SASSETA rests on the fact that the provider can satisfy that it has met these legal requirements.

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